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Difference of Memorial Park and Cemetery

Updated: May 12, 2020

There are times when people mistakenly called memorial park as cemetery. I also received a lot of messages asking the difference between these two. To answer the queries, I have decided to post an article just to clarify it.

A memorial park is a modern cemetery with a difference. The physical difference between each can be easily described.

A traditional cemetery has upright monuments which are typically made of stone. Many have been part of their communities for over 100 years. Here in the Philippines, the usual cemetery can be seen with overlapping niches or congested areas. If you are going to visit your ancestors in a cemetery, you must brave your way in by stepping on the graves of others. Moreover, cemeteries are managed by local governments to where it is located.

While memorial parks are owned by private companies. It uses dignified engraved markers lying flat on landscaped plots to memorialize a grave. The grounds as a whole maintain an open, beautifully natural setting which creates an inviting and uplifting environment. This creates a backdrop for services which is less about mourning and more about life celebration. These expansive and appealing settings set people at ease and invite families to form new traditions of life gatherings.

Spacious and Beautifully Landscaped Area

Furthermore, one can observe a variation of elegant mausoleum designs ranging from classic to modern contemporary. The whole park is also surrounded by man-made water features, variety of trees that give shade, gardens, and flowering beds.

The concept of a memorial park is to provide visitors with an atmosphere of natural beauty, peace for quiet meditation, and a sense of dignity and honor to the memory of loved ones.

Surrounded by man-made water features

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