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BREAKING THE STIGMA: Mentality versus Reality of Buying Memorial Lot

Updated: May 10, 2020

People are scared of death, and that is the main factor why most of us still find talking about it as being morbid and unacceptable. They would become deeply emotional and will brush off such conversation. It may be the opposite of life, but as much as we despise it, it is part of our lives. We don’t want it to happen, however, it comes in the most unpredictable circumstances.

No matter how much we are frightened by the idea, nevertheless, we need to face reality, and staying informed is the key to successfully manage anything. The cost of living is already challenging as it is but dying without any plan will leave you crying emotionally, and worst, financially.

In this article, we will identify 5 wrong mentalities in buying a memorial lot and the shocking reality behind it.

1. Least of Importance

Mentality: “Since there is so much to live for, why do we need to prepare for death?” is the question that lingers in most of us. We often dismiss the idea and focus on trivial things.

Reality: When the time comes, how are you going to deal with it? Preparing for it early is as wise as making money grow. It should be one of the priorities in planning for the future.

Visualize this: You have your monthly paycheck, some savings, in general, you have your life going smoothly. However, one of your close relatives met our Creator, are you financially ready to shoulder the costs?

In this case, what should you do? There is no better answer than to buy now! You can visit this site to get familiar with the lot inventories and ins and outs of buying a memorial lot:

2. Buying When It is Already Needed

Mentality: More than half of the Filipinos only buy a memorial lot when it is needed because they think that buying it early is unnecessary which makes them struggle financially through the grievance process.

Reality: If you think about the future, you must plan everything accordingly. This is the time you need to understand the difference between pre-need and at-need.

Pre-need is buying a lot in preparation. You’ll get to choose properly with an ample amount of time to decide. The lot is cheaper and there are more inventories to choose from.

At-need, on the other hand, costs more as well as the services that come with it such as internment and memorial plan. Also, there are few inventories, you have no other option but to choose from the available ones. And you have to decide immediately because time is not on your side.

What to do: You may want to contact and speak directly with a trusted sales counselor from Manila Memorial Park today to know your options.

3. Price is Expensive

Mentality: Filipinos can’t buy in advance because they think the price is too high.

Reality: The price is high, however, the value will appreciate over time making it more expensive by the time you need it the most. If you want the best for you and your loved ones, always remember, the price will always worth it.

What to do: Invest now to protect yourself from inflation. Click here: to know the current price, available promo, and get your quotation in Manila Memorial Park.

4. Can’t Find the Right Time

Mentality: Most of us are busy living in the present and had forgotten about the future. While some of us have planned for the future but can’t find the time to execute the plan. I received testimonials that they have decided to invest in a memorial lot yet, due to their schedule, they can’t find the right time. Until that unfortunate day came that they need to buy a memorial lot without much option on location and price.

Reality: Due to our busy lifestyle, we are running out of time to carry out our plans. But, if you are future-oriented, then you have to make (not find) time to accomplish the things that you have on your list, and one of them is buying a memorial lot.

What to Do: Make an appointment by clicking on this link to learn the available schedule for ocular viewing.

5. Memorial Park is Congested

Mentality: “Memorial parks have no border on each lot. It is congested. There is no enough space for a car park. You have to step on graves and niches to see the grave of your relative.”

Reality: Memorial parks and cemeteries are different from each other. Cemetery is a traditional burial ground that requires renewal of ownership annually.

Cemeteries are usually managed by local governments. It is usually congested with gravestones which makes people with cars to park far away from the cemetery.

While memorial park is a newer type of burial ground which gives a peaceful vibe like a tranquil park, surrounded by man-made water features, trees and flowerbeds. Also, it has amenities such as comfort rooms inside the memorial park.

What to do: It is recommended to see the park for yourself. The cleanliness and order in the park are things to consider when buying a memorial lot. To make an appointment for tripping, click here:

The finality of death does not only take a toll on emotions; it also affects our finances and all the costs associated with it, how are we preparing for it? As Benjamin Franklin said, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

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