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We hope you will find answers to the most common questions below:

Do I have to pay an annual maintenance fee?

No. Included in the list price of every lot purchased is an amount set aside and deposited to a Memorial Park Care Fund which is a one-time payment only. Income realized from this MPCF will be utilized for the general care and maintenance of the parks for years to come.

What is pre-planning and why is it important?

Pre-planning and pre-payment will protect you from the rising cost of prices, and it will not be a financial burden on your loved ones. When you plan ahead you know that your wishes will be fulfilled. Lots in Manila Memorial Park are available for pre-need. If you wish to avail one, contact us.

Who can be buried in my family lot?

The original lot owner may give permission to anyone to be buried in his/her lot as long as there is still actual space available, according to the number of burial rights (spaces) purchased and appropriate authorization.

What is the difference between pre-need and at-need?

Pre-need is buying the lot without an immediate demand for internment. While at-need is buying the lot if there is already a deceased family member . Also, the client will be required to pay in full cash days prior to the internment without any discount for lower inventories such as lawnlot and columbarium; and smaller discount to higher inventories such as niches and mausoleums.

Does Manila Memorial Park provide lot titles for lot owners?

Yes, it does. Moreover, lot titles are transferable. Once you buy a lot, you can choose to sell or keep the property. Either way, keeping or selling the lot will help financially in the future.

Is memorial lot a good investment?

Investing in memorial lots can be rewarding as its value is currently estimated to appreciate per year. Also, management is hassle-free because continuous maintenance is not necessary. It is more affordable to buy, therefore, it's easier to sell.

Where can I pay my monthly amortization?


Over the counter payment at all these banks’ branches nationwide. Presentation of Installment Bill Coupon required, otherwise, fill out the Bills Payment Slip of the bank.

  • BPI - CA No. 0091-0633-44 (TUE to THU)

  • Metrobank - SA No. 3634-09402-5 (MON to FRI)

  • RCBC - CA No. 0-288-80250-5 (MON to FRI)

  •  RCBC Savings Bank - SA No. 0-043-00226-1 (MON to FRI)


Installment Bill Coupon required when paying at the Bills Payment Counters located at SM Department Stores, Supermarkets, SM Hypermart and Save More from 10:00AM to 7:00PM any day of the week.



Installment Bill Coupon optional, just fill out the payment form provided by the outlet at any of the more than 700 accredited Bayad Center outlets nationwide.





No bill coupons or payment slips required. Just enroll your account with the ATM bills payment service of these banks if you are a depositor.

  •  BPI Express

  •  Metrobank E.T.

  •  RCBC    



No bill coupons or payment slips required. Just pay your account thru any of BancNet’s 3,700 ATMs all over the country.



No bill coupons or payment slips required. Upon enrollment of this facility at your depository bank, you may conveniently pay your installments by calling these numbers, any time of the day.

  •  BPI Express Phone: 89-100

  •  Metrobank Metrophone: 5-8000



Pay your installments while surfing the Net. Just log on to these sites and follow instructions.



You may charge your payments to your Bankard, VISA or MasterCard over the counter at MMP Offices and Branches.

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