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Being Prepared over Sense of Urgency: Which is better?

Updated: May 12, 2020

While the thought of preparing for death may sound morbid to some, saving up for the inevitable is practical and responsible.

When it comes to funerals, there are those who plan and those who don’t. One must be familiar with the terms pre-need and at-need and why is it important before buying a memorial lot.

Through this article, we will thoroughly explain the difference between Pre-Need and At-Need.

Pre-Need is when you buy a memorial lot in preparation for the inevitable.

At-Need, on the other hand, is when someone purchased a memorial lot because it is already needed as someone already dies.

At-Need can also be referred to as a time of CHAOS:

C stands for CASH

Payment of at-need should be made in cash. No installment terms for lawnlots and no split down payment for niches and mausoleums.

Pre-need offers installment terms, even down payment can be settled through split terms. For example, you bought a lawn lot and decided to pay the full and down payment through terms. You’ll be given 3 months to settle the down payment then start the monthly fees depending on the number of years you choose. Take note that down payment term depends on the lot inventory.

H stands for HIGHER PRICES

When purchasing at-need, you must pay the full contract price (for Lawnlot and Columbarium) or full down payment (for niches and mausoleums) without a chance to avail any discount (except for higher inventories). This makes it higher in price compared to pre-need.

On pre-need, considering full payment, you’ll get corresponding discounted percentage depending on the time you will settle the full contract price. For more information about this, you can contact a trusted sales counselor from Manila Memorial Park through here:

A stands for ALONE

If worse comes to worst, you are left with one option: decide alone and immediately. There is not enough time to prolong the decision making and consult every related person. Also, you need to accept whatever is available.

Unlike in pre-need, you have time to think about the inventory you are getting. You can consider the price and lot location. Moreover, you have time to consult the family members for their inputs and suggestions.

O stands for ORDEAL

You are in a state of chaos, a painful situation. You are mourning but still need to arrange a lot of things especially funeral service, internment, and purchase a memorial lot. How terrifying it would be to get these things in order all the while you are in pain. Also, what if you’re the one who went first? How do you think your family would handle this excruciating situation?

But if you purchase a pre-need memorial lot, you get to prepare for the inevitable. You can also avail memorial services plans in advance. So when the time comes, the only thing left to do is spend the remaining time with your loved ones without worrying about the trivial things while grieving.

S stands for SELECTION

When purchasing at-need, you are only given limited selection due to the nature of the situation. It could be you want to but the best for your loved ones but you short in budget so you opt with the cheapest one. It could also be the location, you have no choice but to get the lot which is located at the far end of the block because it is the cheaper one. And, it could also be the availability of inventory. Since you are too late, you are only presented with a few options.

However, if you avail pre-need, you can be detailed over the purchase and choose from many options. To learn the different factors before buying a memorial lot, you can read the full article here:


Losing a loved one is painful as it is, let alone the cost and other arrangements that come with it. Those who are left carry the burden of the costs of burial and other services on top of grief. The least we want them to do is deal with their losses while also knocking on in other people’s doors just to pay for the funeral and memorial fees.

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