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How to Pay Manila Memorial Installment in GCash

You can now pay Manila Memorial monthly installment at any time of the day without leaving the comfort of your home, no need to wait in long lines!!!

On this blog post, you can learn the step-by-step process on how to pay Manila Memorial monthly dues through GCash.

  1. Open the GCash app. Make sure you have sufficient balance to continue with the payment. Click the three-dot "Show More" to show your dash board.

Pay MMP in GCash

2. Scroll down to "Bills Payment" and click the three-dot "Others" to show other billing merchants.

MMP as Merchant Biller

3. Look for "Manila Memorial" then enter.

Manila Memorial Park

4. Enter your account details. Put your contract number as your Account Number and the amount to be paid. Then, click Next.

*Contract number is given to you during the first transaction and can be found on your first Official Receipt from Manila Memorial Park. Double check your account number to avoid any future inconvenience.

Manila Memorial Park Account (MMP)

5. Review and and confirm your payment details, then click "Confirm".

If you need assistance for your contract details, you may reach out to your respective Sales Counselor.

NOTE: For new sale transaction, paying down payment in GCash is not allowed.

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