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If you have already decided to buy a memorial lot, you must be familiar with the available inventories. You must choose carefully the type of lot you will be buying, its price, specifications and the capacity.

Below is the list of lot inventories in Manila Memorial Park. To know more about the prices, specifications, and sample images, visit our website:

A double-tiered lot with 2 vaults underground. It may inter 2 bodies with not more than 2 sets of bone remains per vault. Only flat markers with engraved letters are allowed.

A four single-tiered underground burials and 1 above ground niche with a total of 5 burial spaces with an option to construct up to 3 bone box.

An eight single-tiered underground burials and 2 above ground niche with a total of 10 burial spaces with an option to construct up to 6 bone box.

Niches for cremated remains with lockable etched glass door and aluminum, lined interior for easy access viewing and added protection. It has the capacity of up to 3 urns.

The basic unit consists of 12 burial lots with option to construct 2 above ground tombs with back wall and overhang type of roofing. All sides of the structure must be open.

This is the highest inventory in Manila Memorial Park which is like a house-like structure. It has different lot area, allowable internment and specifications. In mausoleum, buyers are allowed to construct restroom inside the structure.

It ranges from the smallest with 12 lots up to the largest with 96 underground burials.

The cost of each mausoleum or family estate depends on the lot area. Also, the cost of construction will be shouldered by the client or buyer. As for the design, Manila Memorial Park has partnered with various construction companies. However, the buyer has the option to outsource design and construction personnel. They just have to coordinate with their respective sales counselor to process the construction of the property.

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